Example Of How “Sex” Sells


          How do cruise ships fill their unsold cabins? Is it with headless, faceless torso’s with breasts in bikini’s? Well…no. but that is the picture this advertiser felt the need to use. Of course, when you click on it, as expected now, you see nothing close to a female headless body. This is a form of advertising that is widespread now. And though men are used as well, mostly it is a woman. Though the buff muscle man depicted above for a testosterone ad, isn’t for that at all either. Studies have shown that teenaged boys have a negative body image after seeing something like this, but bounce back quickly. Girls have no time to bounce back. They are bombarded with thousands of images of women, creating a very deep insecurity daily. This “manipulation” insults my intelligence but unfortunately, it must work. Sad. The common theme of women’s body parts shown, but no face, is the worst form of objectification.