Pornography Affects You


“Even if you are not a pornography consumer, a significant number of the men you interact with every day will be. It’s difficult to imagine that a man can spend a lot of time viewing and masturbating to degrading images of women without that pornographic ideology having a negative effect on his view of women.”


I love Boobies

As a daughter of a twice inflicted breast cancer survivor, I often felt these breast cancer awareness tactics are demeaning. My mother lost her breasts. But she didn’t lose her LIFE. These campaigns, although intentions and perhaps results are good, give women the same old sexist message: your body parts are more valuable than your life. And to depict young, porn-like women acting like the “hot lesbians” is so insulting. (See link to tee shirts). Awareness is good. Funds are good. But never good at the expense of our worth. And driving with my three boys, behind a car donning a bumper sticker that says save second base (yes it did happen), is not something any mom should have to deal with. Ah, but I did. And got them to understand. I can only hope.