How to Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Since, well, I feel the obligation to tell my sons

Eric Clapp 4.0

If you have ears, you’ve heard Robin Thicke’s hit “Blurred Lines.” If you’ve had any amount of spare time in the past few days and have access to the internets, you’ve heard about Thicke’s performance at the VMA’s with Miley Cyrus. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, congratulations! You must have looked past the headlines on CNN’s main page in order to read about “secondary” news like Egypt or Syria. You can find a video of the performance here.

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter with any kind of regularity over the past few days, you’ve probably heard countless friends or followers sounding off on any number of objectionable things about the performance. Undoubtedly, 99% of things written about it throw around words like “obscene”, “offensive”, and the like.

There have been a number of different parenting websites or blog posts who have come up…

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Feminism Isn’t Working and I Give Up


I GIVE UPby Admin Jen

I’m hanging it up.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m done with feminism. It’s not working. We’re getting nowhere. In fact it actually seems like we’re going backwards. Someone come confiscate my “Feminist as F*ck” t-shirt, buy me a beekeeper suit and leave me to my new, non-feminist existence which will entail popping out more children and possibly listening to a lot of Katy Perry, who is an avowed non-feminist. (The woman who dresses her tits up like cupcakes says she is not a feminist, are you surprised?).

Fighting double standards has become worse than passé. In that entire media whore-nado over Miley Cyrus and her VMA spectacle, the only person I saw pointing out that Robin Thicke is actually kind of questionable for grinding his bits on a girl who could be his daughter… was another dude. Even we in our own circular firing squad of feminism didn’t…

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Victoria Secret "Empowering" Young Girls…Or Are They "Things"?

VS has done it again.  Their campaigns usually include some ridiculous claim that by wearing cute, pink, lacy or sexy lingerie is empowering.  Especially if you’re anorexic, donning fake breasts and lips to pout.  And ESPECIALLY if you’re a young girl.  Wearing a thong that says “I dare you” or “Feeling Lucky?” is all the rage.  I don’t know why people give their money to this creepy, greedy Corporation, that most likely makes their money off of insecurity of women and China.
I found this link from a dad.  Go dad.  Good job.  I hope more are out there like you.
Click here. Knowledge is Power. Not thongs.

Speechless. Woman gets sued for having ugly children. And LOSES.

Jason sucks

Jason, Jason, Jason.  You are the scum of the earth.  But I believe you thrive on such critisism.  Why this woman felt the need for plastic surgery seriously is beyond you?  Psssttt….let me let you in a little secret mr. scumbag, it’s men that objectify.  And women, like this poor woman you speak of, is a victim of wanting to be wanted in a society that places only good looks as the single most valuable asset a woman can achieve.

Jason, you made me laugh today.  But now I say this..Oh never mind. You are simply not worth it.

Photoshop gives illusion of Perfection

I saw this youtube video on google+  :

It made me really ponder…At first I was appreciative of this photographer for basically spelling it out as it is.  Fake.  Airbrushed and tweeked pictures of models…of course, women.  I admire his candor, however, realized that even though he admits to what he does, he still contributes to the idea of perfectionism  placed upon girls and women on a daily basis.

Years ago I was facing a personal tragedy. A woman I worked with looked at me and said, “well, at least you still look good!”  I think my jaw literally fell on the floor.  I was in so much emotional pain, and she thought the fix was looking good.  How sad I found that to be.  And it made me hyper aware that women truly do feel as if they have to be pretty, young, thin…whatever, and all else will be just fine.

So this Photoshop video above led me to do an experiment.  I don’t know why I did it.  I don’t even think it will matter.  But I did it anyway.  Beneath my blonde hair, blue eyes, and 5’9″ womanly frame, I’m a person.  I am not a body part.  I am the sum of all parts as my new blogger friend Goldy so eloquently put it in her recent blog :  Everyone should read this

So with all this said.  Here is my project to prove to the world, although reluctantly, because I confess to not feeling happy about sharing my “wake up”  look (after all, I am a woman who has learned over time that I’m good for nothing more)…yes sarcasm insinuated…

Here is my before pic.  The one that shows my 44 years of age, my stress, my vulnerability, my TRUE self.  And here also, is the psuedo me, the fake, the perfect one, the one that people might see and wish they could look this good.  HA.  If only….Eyes lifted and lightened in color, bag under eyes GONE, skin flawless, nose thinner, lips bigger, cheekbones lifted…etc.  You get the idea.

Why do we do this to women?  I don’t love myself the way that I should.  But I’m way better off than a lot of women and young girls.  I wish we all could love ourselves.  Our real selves.