QotD: “I am done coddling men”

I’m done too. Can’t even bring myself to appreciate any effort anymore. Because at the end of the day, men will never truly understand until we invent the walk in my shoes for a mile machine. I’m so done too.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Well of course good intentions don’t erase harm, but at least they’re here, aren’t they ? They’re here and they’re slowly helping and that’s something and that’s a beginning, and that’s, I think, what you fail to understand. Of course shit can’t be solved in a second.

What you fail to understand is that I am done coddling men and handing out participation medals and “good job!” ribbons for meeting basic standards of human decency. I am done holding men to a lower standard of analysis and discourse and acting like it’s beyond their comprehension or ability to figure out why they hurt us even when they try to help us. Men are always ranting and raving at feminists that they’re not all like that, that they’re mostly decent, that they care, that they’re smart, that they want to help, but as soon as we tell them that they’re NOT…

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