What the end of the world looks like: Snoop DogShit

I only knew “Snoop Dog” from a stupid reality show I saw of him and his family. Sure I knew he was a “rapper” and I knew OF him. But though I’m not a fan of TV in general much less reality shows, I found him entertaining and funny how he would sneak fried chicken from his wife because she wanted him eating healthy. He seemed like a funny, even if simplistic, character. So when my special friend pointed out what a piece of shit he is (my friend being male incidentally), I was shocked, disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised. This blog I linked here made my head spin. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Making his bank and laughing all the way to it at the expense of me and my sisters. I was angry at my naivety. And almost wish I never knew the truth about this vile piece of shit. And apparently Australia’s political figures are saying his pot smoking on stage will make it so he won’t get another visa to visit. What about the inhumanity and degradation of women Mr. Politician? Why doesn’t anyone stand up for WOMEN?! And WHY do these girls (yes GIRLS) think this is okay? Ugh. Makes me want to cry.



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