I love Boobies

As a daughter of a twice inflicted breast cancer survivor, I often felt these breast cancer awareness tactics are demeaning. My mother lost her breasts. But she didn’t lose her LIFE. These campaigns, although intentions and perhaps results are good, give women the same old sexist message: your body parts are more valuable than your life. And to depict young, porn-like women acting like the “hot lesbians” is so insulting. (See link to tee shirts). Awareness is good. Funds are good. But never good at the expense of our worth. And driving with my three boys, behind a car donning a bumper sticker that says save second base (yes it did happen), is not something any mom should have to deal with. Ah, but I did. And got them to understand. I can only hope.



How to Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Since, well, I feel the obligation to tell my sons

Eric Clapp 4.0

If you have ears, you’ve heard Robin Thicke’s hit “Blurred Lines.” If you’ve had any amount of spare time in the past few days and have access to the internets, you’ve heard about Thicke’s performance at the VMA’s with Miley Cyrus. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, congratulations! You must have looked past the headlines on CNN’s main page in order to read about “secondary” news like Egypt or Syria. You can find a video of the performance here.

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter with any kind of regularity over the past few days, you’ve probably heard countless friends or followers sounding off on any number of objectionable things about the performance. Undoubtedly, 99% of things written about it throw around words like “obscene”, “offensive”, and the like.

There have been a number of different parenting websites or blog posts who have come up…

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Feminism Isn’t Working and I Give Up


I GIVE UPby Admin Jen

I’m hanging it up.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m done with feminism. It’s not working. We’re getting nowhere. In fact it actually seems like we’re going backwards. Someone come confiscate my “Feminist as F*ck” t-shirt, buy me a beekeeper suit and leave me to my new, non-feminist existence which will entail popping out more children and possibly listening to a lot of Katy Perry, who is an avowed non-feminist. (The woman who dresses her tits up like cupcakes says she is not a feminist, are you surprised?).

Fighting double standards has become worse than passé. In that entire media whore-nado over Miley Cyrus and her VMA spectacle, the only person I saw pointing out that Robin Thicke is actually kind of questionable for grinding his bits on a girl who could be his daughter… was another dude. Even we in our own circular firing squad of feminism didn’t…

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Example Of How “Sex” Sells


          How do cruise ships fill their unsold cabins? Is it with headless, faceless torso’s with breasts in bikini’s? Well…no. but that is the picture this advertiser felt the need to use. Of course, when you click on it, as expected now, you see nothing close to a female headless body. This is a form of advertising that is widespread now. And though men are used as well, mostly it is a woman. Though the buff muscle man depicted above for a testosterone ad, isn’t for that at all either. Studies have shown that teenaged boys have a negative body image after seeing something like this, but bounce back quickly. Girls have no time to bounce back. They are bombarded with thousands of images of women, creating a very deep insecurity daily. This “manipulation” insults my intelligence but unfortunately, it must work. Sad. The common theme of women’s body parts shown, but no face, is the worst form of objectification.