Photoshop gives illusion of Perfection

I saw this youtube video on google+  :

It made me really ponder…At first I was appreciative of this photographer for basically spelling it out as it is.  Fake.  Airbrushed and tweeked pictures of models…of course, women.  I admire his candor, however, realized that even though he admits to what he does, he still contributes to the idea of perfectionism  placed upon girls and women on a daily basis.

Years ago I was facing a personal tragedy. A woman I worked with looked at me and said, “well, at least you still look good!”  I think my jaw literally fell on the floor.  I was in so much emotional pain, and she thought the fix was looking good.  How sad I found that to be.  And it made me hyper aware that women truly do feel as if they have to be pretty, young, thin…whatever, and all else will be just fine.

So this Photoshop video above led me to do an experiment.  I don’t know why I did it.  I don’t even think it will matter.  But I did it anyway.  Beneath my blonde hair, blue eyes, and 5’9″ womanly frame, I’m a person.  I am not a body part.  I am the sum of all parts as my new blogger friend Goldy so eloquently put it in her recent blog :  Everyone should read this

So with all this said.  Here is my project to prove to the world, although reluctantly, because I confess to not feeling happy about sharing my “wake up”  look (after all, I am a woman who has learned over time that I’m good for nothing more)…yes sarcasm insinuated…

Here is my before pic.  The one that shows my 44 years of age, my stress, my vulnerability, my TRUE self.  And here also, is the psuedo me, the fake, the perfect one, the one that people might see and wish they could look this good.  HA.  If only….Eyes lifted and lightened in color, bag under eyes GONE, skin flawless, nose thinner, lips bigger, cheekbones lifted…etc.  You get the idea.

Why do we do this to women?  I don’t love myself the way that I should.  But I’m way better off than a lot of women and young girls.  I wish we all could love ourselves.  Our real selves.


One thought on “Photoshop gives illusion of Perfection

  1. It helped me a lot to finally get this.

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