First Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery, now THIS?!

Here we go again.  Another reason for women to feel inadequate physically.  Now we all know the boobs are expected to be perky and fake.  Or, if you’re lucky, perky and real (does that even exist anymore?), but now girls and women alike are being led to believe that their man will stare at his coffee, get sick at the thought of it reminding him of the color of his lover’s vagina, and will most likely reject you.  For you see, women are supposed to have the “bleached” look now, much like the porn stars.  Yes, I even read once that they bleach their assholes!  Bad enough plastic surgeons are doing vaginal cosmetic surgery because we are made to believe that they must look that of an 11 year old.  Now this?  This is a nightmare.  One might say “thank God this isn’t in the US”…but I’m pretty sure the good ole US of A boys are wanting the porn star look as well.  Okay, NOT all of them.  Thank God.  But you will see what I mean when you see this:


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